I help small organizations and teams get work done more effectively. I bring clarity to processes, interactions, and compliance structures that feel confusing or chaotic. I do this in a variety of formats:


I provide leadership and operations management for small organizations, streamlining and upgrading systems along the way.

This can be a great option for organizations that are growing and want to hire an employee in this type of role eventually, but aren't ready to make the leap. Other times I come in to resolve particular organizational challenges, to manage a specific project, or to handle ongoing tasks.


I help individuals and teams get organized and complete work more effectively through a series of regular "coaching" sessions, which can include addressing issues as they arise, introducing new practices, and support for the adoption process.

Productivity coaching in particular consists of developing and guiding you through the integration of customized systems for managing tasks, time, email, files, and more.


I provide guidance for teams and individuals seeking to understand their options, best next steps, and long term strategy around my areas of expertise

My consulting services are designed to be flexible and affordable. Depending on your needs, I can offer ongoing services on a monthly retainer or as-needed advice on an hourly basis. Consulting services can be paired with any of the other formats listed here or operate as a stand alone service.


I provide an affordable assessment process for small organizations of many types (especially independent workers and small non-profits) that identifies potential risk exposures you might not know you have and assesses the health of your business systems.


As both an integrated part of consulting engagements and a stand alone service, I design and host facilitated group engagement experiences and facilitate well-structured meetings.


I challenge people to think in new ways through presentations on a variety of topics. See my current offerings here.

I appreciated Diana’s uncanny blend of stern and soft. She combined accountability and guidance where I needed it with patience, understanding, and flexibility. Her productivity coaching services gave me the choreography I needed to keep everything organized, while seeing more clearly what I realistically had capacity to take on. The organizational assessment provided thorough information and tailored analysis to fit our needs, clarifying our immediate next steps as an organization.
— Dasha Kelly, Director of Still Waters Collective