Small Business Operations & Efficiency

I help small businesses and nonprofits run more efficiently and their owners become more productive, focused, and organized. 



As your part-time Operations Manager, I take some of the work off your plate while streamlining systems and building long-term solutions along the way.



I create, refine, and implement business infrastructure like CRMs, accounting software, filing and document systems, and project management systems.



I can guide you on a path to greater personal and professional efficiency through the use of effective tools, practices, and habits.


About Me

I'm Diana Luepke, Owner/Operator of Enrich LLC. I've always been super organized, systems oriented, and comfortable using technical tools to get work done more effectively. While true detail orientation is my hallmark trait, I connect those details to a strategic understanding of business needs and complex systems. I geek out on things like spreadsheets, business structures, and compliance; things that I've found many business owners and organizational leaders find to be a headache rather than a joy. This makes me a natural partner for many creative, big thinking leaders.

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My Approach

Online Tools

While I am adaptable to a variety of systems, I specialize in implementing and managing solutions using online tools like QuickBooks Online, Google Apps, Toggl, and Todoist. I can help you build business infrastructure using low cost online solutions that are available for team members to access from any location with an internet connection.

Health & Productivity

Most of us recognize just how hard it is to find people who do great work on a consistent basis. It's not all that surprising, when you consider the pressures of modern life and how much we're being asked to take on. I am able to provide services of consistent quality, speed, accuracy, and responsiveness in large part because I have worked hard to develop practices and systems that support my health and productivity. I bring this same approach to my work with small business owners and nonprofit leaders.

Values Driven Work

These values reflect what it's like to work with me. They are all personal strengths and areas of continued investment.

  • Performance: Producing quality work that embodies attention to detail and follow through.

  • Systems: Designing whole-system solutions in relationship to context.

  • Clarity: Clearly understanding and explaining situations, processes, and interactions that feel confusing.

  • Wellbeing: Cultivating the functionality and health of individuals, organizations, and systems.

  • Integrity: Communicating with honesty, seeking mutual benefit, and acting in good faith.

  • Kindness: Assuming best intentions and treating people with deep respect.

Why Enrich?

Enrich: To enhance the quality of; to impart knowledge; to make meaningful; to make wealthy

My work embodies all of these definitions, helping organizations become more effective in ways that improve profitability and quality of production, while deeply manifesting the organization's reason for being.

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