Running a small business or nonprofit is hard.

There are so many moving parts to manage with a small team (maybe even just you!), and chances are that you are more excited about the core products and services you're providing than you are about managing compliance, bookkeeping, customer/donor tracking, marketing, and so on. And even if you love all the different parts, you may be starting to find that it's a lot for one person, or even for a small team. Add to this the challenge of balancing work with personal responsibilities, health, and so on… and you've got a pretty stressful situation on your hands.

I'm Diana Luepke, Owner/Operator of Enrich LLC, and I'm here to partner with you in making sure all those moving parts are managed well. I help create and manage business infrastructure, whether that means training you on some of the things you don't know, designing a simple system for you, or taking whole areas of responsibility like compliance or finance off your plate. We work together to build healthy systems for you and your organization, systems that allow you to accomplish more and feel better doing it.

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Integrated Support

My role working with small businesses and nonprofits is part embedded production (think: what an employee might do) and part consulting. Often I take on a title within your organization, like Operations Manager or Executive Director, to reflect to outside parties that I am a core part of your team and to allow me to directly communicate with others on your behalf.

The benefits of working with me on a contract basis to provide these services rather than hiring an employee are multiple:

  • Predictable cash flow:  Most often, my services are structured as a monthly fee reflecting an average amount of time invested per month, which allows you to plan for cash flow purposes even though the amount of support you need may change month to month.

  • Flexibility: In addition to being able to scale the total contract up and down over time as needed, we can change the type of work at any time. One contract can allow for flexible support services for a variety of needs, and we work together to decide what needs attention each month.

  • Strategic partnership: I bring the outside perspective of a consultant to my work. This means my day-to-day operations work is directly supportive of your big picture strategy and my advice is grounded in the reality of how your organization actually runs on the ground. I can partner with you more deeply than a consultant and provide more of a third party perspective than an employee.

Flexible Services

We decide together what combination of services you need, and they can easily flex to support changing needs over time. For each area of engagement, I can teach you how to do it yourself or I can do the work for you.

The following are areas I most often help with, though not a comprehensive list:

  • Incorporation options, business setup & compliance
  • Project management, operations & administration
  • Finance & bookkeeping
  • Creating business systems like CRMs and filing systems
  • Productivity coaching & work practices
  • Planning & strategy
  • Simple website design & maintenance
  • Basic IT support

We often start with a single project to get a feel for working together, then switch to a monthly support structure.

Online Tools

While I am adaptable to a variety of systems, I specialize in implementing and managing solutions using online tools like QuickBooks Online, Google Apps, Toggl, and Todoist. I can help you build business infrastructure using low cost online solutions that are available for team members to access from any location with an internet connection.

Health & Productivity

Most of us recognize just how hard it is to find people who do great work on a consistent basis. It's not all that surprising, when you consider the pressures of modern life and how much we're being asked to take on. I am able to provide support services of consistent quality, speed, accuracy, and responsiveness in large part because I have worked hard to develop practices and systems that support my health and productivity.

I bring this same approach to my work with small business owners and nonprofit leaders. We work together to understand your realistic capacity, build systems that support you in getting your work done, and honestly evaluate when things aren't working well. When that's the case, we take a holistic view about what needs to happen to address challenges, looking at personal health, tools, systems, habits, and business decisions.

Time & Cost Savings

Working with Enrich is more affordable than working with a high-priced business consultant or specialized professionals like lawyers and CPAs. While you may still need support from specialists at times, I can help you with a lot before you'll need that kind of pricey support. When something is beyond the scope of what I feel best able to do myself, I can help locate other professionals to assist you.

Working with Enrich also prevents you from needing to spend a lot of time and money finding different employees, contractors, and consultants for different operational support needs and renegotiating contracts as business needs change.

A La Carte Options

While it's powerful to have a partner who can help with a lot of different things, sometimes you know you need help with something specific. Just need a bookkeeper, a productivity coach, or someone to build your CRM system? All of my services are also available individually, with the same attention to strategic needs and building healthy systems.

Values Driven Work

These values reflect what it's like to work with me. Each of these areas reflect personal strengths while also being areas where I continue to invest developmental energy because they matter to me.

  • Performance: Producing quality work that embodies attention to detail and follow through.
  • Systems: Designing whole-system solutions in relationship to context.
  • Clarity: Clearly understanding and explaining situations, processes, and interactions that feel confusing.
  • Wellbeing: Cultivating the functionality and health of individuals, organizations, and systems.
  • Integrity: Communicating with honesty, seeking mutual benefit, and acting in good faith.
  • Kindness: Assuming best intentions and treating people with deep respect.

Why Enrich?

Enrich: To enhance the quality of; to impart knowledge; to make meaningful; to make wealthy

My work embodies all of these definitions, helping organizations become more effective in ways that improve profitability and quality of production, while deeply manifesting the organization's reason for being.

Interested in exploring how I can help?

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