Though not an exhaustive list of my skills and knowledge, the following summary reflects the primary subject matter areas within which I specialize.


Work practices dictate how we get our work done on a day to day basis. They integrate structuring and scheduling work, making wise use of tools, and developing personal habits.

While work practices can be highly tactical, they can only be implemented well in context. I focus on understanding personal and organizational dynamics in order to suggest the right tools and practices at the right time in the right way.


I help ensure that small organizations are well structured, well managed, and compliant. My expertise includes managing and/or advising on simple incorporation options, business operations, infrastructure needs, and finance management - especially for small non-profits and independent workers.

I combine a deep attention to the details of implementation with a broad perspective about strategy and priorities.


Fiscal sponsorship includes a variety of structures that allow groups doing social good to accept tax-deductible donations without having their own 501c3 non-profit entity. 

I provide guidance to groups looking to understand their options and to organizations that want to start or grow a sponsorship program.

These offerings are informed by my experience running a fiscal sponsorship organization, researching sponsors around the country, and identifying new and existing best practices.


My professional background in administrative work provides a strong foundation for helping organizations run well and completing work effectively.

I'm skilled in a variety of common administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, document editing and layout, calendaring, research, and project management. 90 wpm typing speed, extremely fast completion of most simple tasks, and familiarity with a wide variety of software and technologies contribute to my ability to deliver quality results quickly.