Thank you, Diana, for presenting about the topic of Mindfulness... Your presentations were well organized and invited participation. They inspired deep thought and appreciation.
— Kathryn, regarding presentations at "The Power of US" conference at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

I offer presentations and workshops on many aspects of how we can approach our work (and non-work) lives in ways that are more effective and meaningful. All presentations include interactive exercises and take-home reference materials. Contact me to learn more or book a session.


Email Inbox Rescue: The state of your inbox is a clue to how effective you are in your job. Ready to conquer your inbox and accomplish more? Available as a short presentation or a half-day hands-on workshop.

The 10 Commandments of Electronic File Management: Sick of spending precious time searching for the right file? Frustrated with your coworker's weird file names? Learn a simple system for keeping things straight with a touch of humor!

Strategic Project Planning: Whether we are leading a project from start to finish, helping execute small pieces of one, or assisting an executive with prioritization of multiple initiatives, being strategic in our approach can help ensure the highest quality results with the greatest impact. Learn what it means to be strategic and a variety of important considerations for any project, along with models and resources for structuring an effective plan. 

Mindfulness in the Office: Improving Effectiveness & Focus: Does your work life leave you feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, or stressed out, or do you just want to take your productivity to the next level? Mindfulness can help us be fundamentally more effective in our work. It improves our ability to focus, get things done, and make sound decisions. But even better, it helps us relax and experience more joy in the process! In this presentation, I share a variety of mindfulness techniques that offer practical and powerful ways to train the mind to cut through mental clutter, focus more, reduce stress, and appreciate our jobs more.

Mindful Communication: Are frustration, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and/or conflict regular experiences in your interactions with coworkers? Or if not, do you want to communicate with greater clarity and improve the quality of your relationships? Take this session to learn how mindfulness techniques can help us become expert communicators who listen deeply, get triggered less often, and handle conflict with poise.

Design Thinking for Office Workers: Discover meaningful solutions for your administrative challenges by using the methods of design thinking, an interdisciplinary, human-centered process. Diana will decipher the meaning of design thinking and present 10 innovative personas to cultivate in your office and your life from The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, with an emphasis on how they can be applied by office workers.


I also design custom workshops and presentations to fit your specific needs. Please get in touch to let me know what you are looking for!

Topics I can address include the following:

  • Administration, business systems, & technology solutions
  • Social & environmental sustainability
  • Strategy, strategic thinking, and strategic planning
  • Mindfulness and its application in a variety of settings
  • How to make a great presentation